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At Sentinel Investments, our goal is to build on core asset class strengths by emphasizing the basics - stocks, bonds, international securities and cash.

Our organization is built around independent teams, each with specialized expertise in a specific asset class or discipline. They are experienced portfolio managers and supported by dedicated analysts who provide tailored, relevant research based on an understanding of the manager's strategy.

Detailed information about a Sentinel Fund, including fund specific risks, charges and expenses, may be obtained by accessing the links on this page.

US Equity Portfolios

  • Investment teams are organized by investing styles.
  • Strategies are universally focused on competitively positioned, quality companies with seasoned and capable management.
  • Consistency in cash flow generation and balance sheet strength is key.

Fixed Income Portfolios

  • The team seeks to enhance yield, while remaining focused on quality and very aware of risk.
  • A relative value approach compares values across the yield curve to determine which offer the best risk-adjusted return potential.

International Equity Portfolios

  • A dedicated team targets international equities.
  • Careful consideration is given to long- and short-term themes with the potential to drive markets.
  • A five-factor analysis evaluates growth and value characteristics, management quality, risk, and market sentiment.
  • A sell discipline is in place to eliminate stocks that no longer meet those criteria.

Specialty Funds

  • Choose among balanced and allocation funds with more conservative strategies that emphasize fixed income, or more aggressive growth-oriented portfolios with a higher equity allocation.

Sentinel Sustainable Investing - Screening to match your values

Sentinel Sustainable Investing focuses on the integration of traditional fundamental analysis with our in-depth assessment of select social and environmental factors.

Sentinel's portfolio managers employ various screens to build investment portfolios that seek to match shareholder values. Many managers focused on sustainable and socially responsible investing employ one or more exclusionary screens to eliminate companies that produce an undesired product, such as alcohol, tobacco or weapons. At Sentinel, we take the process a step further by employing qualitative screens, to help identify companies that meet our standard for corporate responsibility and that we believe will contribute to investment success.

Read more about Sentinel Sustainable Investing.

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