What We Stand For

The Essential Elements of Investing®

A focus on core strategies

Our teams operate independently, but are connected by a shared vision.

We build portfolios around core asset strengths

At Sentinel Investments, our goal is to build on core asset class strengths by emphasizing the basics-stocks, bonds, international securities, and cash. In doing so, our managers have avoided the unpredictable rise and fall of alternatives, derivatives and so-called "esoterics."

Focused, yet connected

Although managers act autonomously in constructing portfolios, the teams collaborate on a regular basis to share ideas and investment insights. This focused, yet connected structure ensures the freedom to pursue their best ideas, while providing the support of a larger investment organization.

Independent teams, specialized expertise

We recognize that no single investment team can manage all strategies. For this reason, we built our organization around independent teams, each with specialized expertise in a specific asset class or discipline. Each team is led by experienced portfolio managers and supported by dedicated analysts who provide tailored, relevant research based on an understanding of the manager's strategy.

Discipline in our decisions and process

There are several things you can count on when you entrust your assets to Sentinel. Simply stated, we are long-term investors who believe in broad diversification, while paying close attention to downside risk.
Focused on the long-term horizon

We measure our success by long-term results that seek the benefit of market upturns, while limiting risk during downturns.

Grounded in fundamental research

Sentinel's managers are united by the common belief that well-defined investment processes, grounded by bottom up fundamental research, are best positioned to deliver solid, consistent results over time. Portfolios are managed according to clearly stated goals for market capitalization, duration and other investment characteristics, without taking extreme style bets.

Very attentive to managing downside risk

Ideally, our funds should capture most of bull market performance, while limiting bear market exposure to between 70% to 80% of the downturn. We seek to accomplish this goal through strong independent research that looks for quality securities selling at attractive valuations. We also believe in broad diversification*, ensuring that no investment strategy is overly exposed to single securities or sectors.

Dedication to stewardship

At Sentinel Investments, we recognize our role as stewards of your investment capital. Stewardship, as we define it, is "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care."

It is this mindset-focused on quality, consistency and sustainability-that puts our essential elements of investing into action.

*Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. Please consider a fund's objectives.

Our Mission

A world-class asset management company for which excellence in portfolio management, research and trading draws managerial talent, generates consistent long-term results and provides exemplary service to our clients.

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