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The XBRL files are in interactive data format using the eXtensible Business Reporting Language. To view the XBRL files, you will need an XBRL viewer. Each XBRL file contains certain information from the summary section of the prospectus, and any prospectus supplements, for each Sentinel Fund.

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Sentinel Funds Prospectuses and Reports
 Full Prospectus
Prospectuses and Reports
 Statement of Additional Information
Prospectuses and Reports
 Semiannual Report
Prospectuses and Reports
 Annual Report
Prospectuses and Reports

 Federated Shareholder Guide

Summary Prospectus - Fund Name
 Sentinel Balanced Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Common Stock Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Government Securities Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel International Equity Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Low Duration Bond Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Multi-Asset Income Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Small Company Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Total Return Bond Fund
Summary Prospectus
 Sentinel Unconstrained Bond Fund
Summary Prospectus

Sentinel Variable Products - Reports
 Semiannual Report
Sentinel Variable Products - Reports
 Annual Report
Sentinel Variable Products - Reports

Sentinel Variable Products Prospectuses
 Sentinel Variable Products Balanced Fund
 Sentinel Variable Products Bond Fund
 Sentinel Variable Products Common Stock Fund
 Sentinel Variable Products Mid Cap Fund
 Sentinel Variable Products Small Company Fund

 Coverdell Education Savings Account Application
 IRA Application
 Roth IRA Application
 Sentinel Class I Share Application
 Sentinel New Account Application
 SEP IRA Application
 SIMPLE IRA Application
 Trust/401(k)/Pension/Profit Sharing Fund Application

General Account Administration Forms
 ACH Authorization for Dividends/Capital Gains
 Automatic Investment Plan Application
 Bank Information Form
 CD Transfer Request
 Check Writing Application
 Cost Basis Election
 Dollar Cost Averaging Application
 FanPlan Sponsor Access Request & ACH Debit Authorization
 Name Change Request
 NAV Form
 Non-Retirement Systematic Withdrawal and Exchange Plan
 Non-Retirement Transfer Request
 Payroll Savings Plan Authorization
 Power of Attorney
 Sentinel Trustee Certification
 Split Dividend/Capital Gain Request
 Transfer on Death Affidavit for Multiple Beneficiaries
 Transfer on Death Application
 UTMA/UGMA Former Minor Certification Form

Retirement Administration Forms
 Designation of Beneficiaries
 Distribution Instructions
 Mandatory IRA Rollover Application
 Participation Allocation Sheet
 Roth IRA Conversion Application
 Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employer (SIMPLE) 5304-SIMPLE
 SEP-IRA Contribution Agreement 5305-SEP
 Systematic Withdrawal Authorization
 Transfer Request
 Withholding Election Notice

Sentinel Firm Information
 Sentinel Firm Overview
 Sentinel Sustainable Investing Guide

Sentinel Perspectives
 Our Perspective on Fossil Fuel Investing
 Sentinel Perspectives - A Big Picture View of Small Cap Investing
 Sentinel Perspectives - Stewardship: Sustainable Investing and the Long View

Sentinel Fund Information
 Sentinel Balanced Fund Brochure
 Sentinel Balanced Fund Profile
 Sentinel Common Stock Fund Profile
 Sentinel International Equity Fund Profile
 Sentinel Low Duration Bond Fund Profile
 Sentinel Small Company Fund Profile

Sentinel Fund Performance
 Sentinel Balanced Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Common Stock Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Government Securities Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel International Equity Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Low Duration Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Multi-Asset Income Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Small Company Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Total Return Bond Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet
 Sentinel Unconstrained Bond Fund Quarterly Fact Sheet

Portfolio Manager Insights
 Sentinel Common Stock Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Government Securities Fund Commentary
 Sentinel International Equity Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Low Duration Bond Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Multi-Asset Income Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Small Company Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund Commentary
 Sentinel Total Return Bond Fund Commentary

Portfolio Manager Biographies
 All PM Bios
 Andrew Boczek Biography
 Daniel Manion Biography
 EG Woods Biography
 Helena Ocampo Biography
 Hilary Roper Biography
 Jamie Chui Biography
 Jason Doiron Biography
 Jason Ronovech Biography
 Lawrence Lee Biography
 Mark Militello Biography
 Peter Hassler Biography

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