Sustainable investing

Sustainable Investing and You
Enhanced corporate governance, sound financial stewardship and environmental awareness have taken on new meaning and importance in today’s global economic landscape. For those seeking to invest in companies leading in these areas, Sentinel Investments offers our Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund.


Sentinel Sustainable Investing – The View From Here
By our definition, sustainable investing goes beyond traditional screening criteria to incorporate fundamental analysis and research into environmental, social, and governance attributes of companies considered for investment. For you, this means portfolios are constructed to recognize responsible corporate citizenship while helping you achieve your investment goals.


A Process That Combines Exclusionary and Qualitative Criteria
We employ an integrated process combining exclusionary screening with in-depth qualitative screening – a process which seeks to identify companies with useful products, strong corporate governance practices, a history of environmental stewardship, and good employee and community relations.


The companies that emerge from this comprehensive process are fundamentally strong and well-managed, with stated and identifiable commitments to their customers, employees, communities, shareholders and the world at large.


Exclusionary Screen
Alcohol Gambling
Tobacco Nuclear
Weapons Diversity
Qualitative Screen
Business Practices Diversity Labor
Community Environment Supply Chain
Corporate Governance Human Rights